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EA: Rebecca's Halloween Costume by SugarBit EA: Rebecca's Halloween Costume :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 4 2 EA Student Application by SugarBit EA Student Application :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 2 3
Monster Family: Secret Gift
.:~Hokova's Secret Gift~:.
The mountain air was laced with a spring essence touch, still holding onto the crisp coldness of winter while allowing the pleasant promise of warm summer air twine in between. Though the tendrils of warmth still clung desperately to the air, it began to slowly fade more and more with the gradual setting of the sun. It's last rays of light turning the blue sky into a breath-taking collage of oranges, pinks and indigos. The intense vibrant colours of light bathed the plain of flat land lush with spring-time fresh grass, turning it a colour that only nature itself could perfect. On the very edges of scene bathed in light, where the grass met trees, where the plain met forest; the shadows of the evening slowly began creeping back to life, taking residence on the earth as they do every night.
There was no wind, it was calm and still but not soundless. The echoes of life pulsed everywhere, in the crickets that played their violin-legged song, the birds that blesse
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Monster Family: Memories to Keep
"Does it hurt?"
Crash looked over his shoulder, his attention drawn by a soft, slight hesitant whisper whose words held a hungering curiosity beneath the surface. Behind him he saw Dracula's newly adopted daughter, a vampire whose age was considered to be nothing more than a babe's amongst their kind. And by that softly etched face that held nothing but kindness and politeness; the petite, gentle posture and round innocent eyes that held a curious interest for everything they saw, Crash realised that the description wasn't far from the case.
"Does what hurt, princess?" he asked, admitting that he was genuinely curious on where her question was leading. He had been told-although in Tony's case, warned- of her incredible curiosity and endless array of questions. He didn't mind; she was so very new to this dark world of monsters and the night and, given the particular person she now was, needed all the help one could offer her. Many darker and more violent vampires would easily take advan
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Monster Family: Collab Base by SugarBit Monster Family: Collab Base :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 3 8
Monster Family: 036. Birth
036. Birth
Strong fingers curled around her so much smaller hand, an impossible kind of strength tugging at her arm; pulling her frail body upright so fast that Rebecca feared she might barrel into the wall opposite her. She slammed into Tony's jacket covered chest instead. Swallowing the lump of embarrassment that had suddenly lodged itself in her throat, she pushed away. Tried to back pedal away from him and into the comfort of her own personal space. Only to fail to do so when she discovered that any remote strength her body could possible hold had disappeared, leaving her limbs powerless, her body that of a rag doll. Her legs collapsed. Hands shot out and gripped her upper forearms to pull her to her feet once more. This time she didn't try to push away. Instead she lifted her hands up to grasp onto Tony's forearms, reassuring herself that he there, that he would not let her fall.
Wincing at the uncomfortable feeling of pins and needles jabbing into her skin, she made no resistance
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Monster Family: 001. Beginnings
001. Beginnings
Cold, so cold.
Ice wrapped over her skin like a coat she couldn't take off no matter how hard she tried. The air was bitter, nipping at her skin with millions of sharp little teeth. Snow and frost covered the grimy cement she lay upon, pointed upwards in tiny spikes that poked into her flesh. The metal of the dumpster she lay next to radiated wave after wave of frozen air. The cold ate at her skin, drilled through her bones, chilling over the very core of her; seeking to make her a lifeless statue forever frozen in place.
She brought her hands to her mouth, praying that her life breath was just that little bit warmer, that it would save her already bone-chillingly numb fingers from losing their sensation of touch. Puffing out soft, tiny exhales of air, drinking up every feeling of warmth her breath had to offer, her eyes ventured downwards to her hands- immediately focusing on the appendages covered in a deep, rusty red.
Her breathing wheezed, air lodged in her throat t
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.:Wings:. by SugarBit .:Wings:. :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 1 4 Zombies and Shotgunz by SugarBit Zombies and Shotgunz :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 1 0 :Nightmares to Dreams: Blayne by SugarBit :Nightmares to Dreams: Blayne :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 0 4 Angel of the Stars by SugarBit Angel of the Stars :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 1 10 :Contest: Movie Poster St Trinian's by SugarBit :Contest: Movie Poster St Trinian's :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 3 11 Another Alice and Chesire by SugarBit Another Alice and Chesire :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 1 14 :Birthday Gift: My little miracle by SugarBit :Birthday Gift: My little miracle :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 1 4 Christmas in Summer by SugarBit Christmas in Summer :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 0 4 .:Freedom:. by SugarBit .:Freedom:. :iconsugarbit:SugarBit 0 14


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